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Brazilian artist Luis Martins, better known as L7M, took up the spray can at the age of 13 and never dropped it. He studied drawing techniques and ended up reaching a mixed style using China ink, latex, pastels and acrylic. Once he used Coca-Cola as paint! Luis' foremost inspiration was Rayonism, a Russian avant-garde art movement from the early 20th century that focused on light spectra and color rendering.

The artist combines abstract geometric shapes and unusual tones in his murals under images of fantastic birds. Luis illustrates the disharmony of the surrounding space. His works represent a complex and elegant chaos. At Vulica 2016 he created the mural "Quatuor Tempora" and participated in the collective painting of a retro Minsk tram. At Vulica 2017, Luis created the mural "Hummingbird multi mearum traditionum".

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