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Architect and artist from Minsk, Belarus, founder of Art Group Hutkasmachnaa, specialized in street art and installations. In 2000, graduated from the College of Architecture and Construction and later from the National University of Technology of Belarus. Pays special attention to the aesthetics of public transport. Busel reflects on this, creates objects linked to the theme and places them in unusual places.

Friend of Vulica since 2014, when he participated in the 1st edition of the festival, Andrei never stopped, as evidenced by his participation in Vulica's newest initiative, the opening of its headquarters in Brazil in April 2021. At the time, he was the headliner of the first art residency of the now called Vulica Brasil Art and Sustainability Institute (iVB). He visited Brasília, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and brought up, through art and architecture, the issue of homeless people. “Abandoned Things and Suspicious Objects” is the title of the conceptual art exhibition resulting from this residency.


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