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Dasha Buben is a photographer and artist from Belarus. She explores the modern world and its effects on our feelings through art. In her personal experience, Dasha observes the daily chaos and searches for visual and metaphorical connections between the objective world and the psyche. She is artistically concerned about women’s emotional pain - depression, loneliness, fear, entropy. The main object of her abstract painting is color, which is a code that provokes feelings depending on the viewer's perception.

She studied at the Minsk Academy of Arts and the Warsaw Academy of Photography. For a long time, took photos for advertising projects and worked as a photo editor at Timer Magazine. During Vulica 2017, Dasha performed an artistic photoshoot with workers of the MZOR factory for updating their “Best Employees Hall of Honor”, shooting workers in their natural element, in action at the factory. She also created the "One Photo Gallery", an outdoor exhibition renewed every few months.

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