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Brazilian artist of Japanese descent who began his artistic career at the age of 15 as a commercial illustrator, but gradually was attracted to the streets of São Paulo and street art. For a time, he shared a studio with Imai Yusk, another Vulica family member. Japanese roots play a big role in Horoiwa's art, his murals are like visual hieroglyphs.

The artist explores the states between subconsciousness and consciousness, between self-consciousness and the world. “I'm interested in incorporating the invisible forces around us, things that lead to blindness and lack of understanding. They dull our intuition and instincts, allowing us to feel comfortable just enough. They allow us to forget our shortcomings, but also devour the inner strength needed to grow.”

His works have already been shown in Brazil, Holland, Australia and the United States. At Vulica 2017, he authored the mural "Cutting Out Memories", a 30-meter high masterpiece painted using just brushes, only the background being sprayed.

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