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Toes began his career working with important visual arts stars, a period in which he developed a taste for creating his own art. Thiago has origins in graffiti, developing his work on the streets and in the studio simultaneously. Mischaracterization of the human figure and cosmos representations are recurring elements in his work. The sum of these themes invites us to reflect on modern society's stereotypes. "His work takes us back to the most necessary and primitive sensations of emptiness, while asking us to observe and rethink our place in the universe." (Mariana Melleu, curator). He has participated in several exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, i.e. in the United States, England and France. He was selected for an artistic residency at the 13th International Art Week in Lüben, Germany. His works are part of important private collections. At Vulica 2015, he created the mural "Risk is the end and the beginning of everything".

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