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October - November 2014. National Center for Contemporary Art, Minsk. 

For the first time, the Vulica Brasil project offers to acquaint Belarus with the contemporary art by creating highly artistic works by Brazilian artists of world renown (OSGEMEOS, Walter Nomura aka Tinho, Rogério Fernandes) and their bilateral collaboration with the most outstanding Belarusian street artists: Cowek (Lida), Andrei Busel (Minsk), Mutus (Pinsk), Kontra (Minsk), Bazinato (Minsk), Ura (Vitsebsk), Khvostov (Homiel), Siarhei Paulavets (Maladzechna), Ivan Tame (Rechitsa), Siarhei Izum (Lida), Ulysses Nevmer (Homiel), Hade (Vorsha), Mikhas Mishuk (Minsk), RGB (Minsk), Ales Yuschanka (Polatsk), Frikos (Minsk), Nt (Brest), Grino (Rechitsa/Moscow), Key Detail (Minsk) both in the city space and on the whole site of the Center for Contemporary Arts (2 floors), where creative Brazilian-Belarusian team creates its own autonomous city with its own laws and rules of the urban environment, demonstrating this through graffiti, stencils, posters, installations, photographs, sound projections, online drawing, etc. The special focus of the exhibition will be the models of distinctive and famous objects of Brazil and Belarus (architect Andrei Busel), where artists will experiment in associations, transforming the visual impressions of the two countries. And thus expand the idea of ​​what can be considered art, which modern forms allow it not to lose the essence of the interaction with society.

Kamila Yanushkevich, exhibition curator.

Photo: iVB photo archive

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