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Photo: iVB photo archive

The II Brazilian-Belarusian Urban Art Festival Vulica Brasil ran from  August 29 to September 12, 2015 and expanded its 1st edition programme. Our goals were more visibility to the project and improvements in the Brazilian artists' residencies in Belarus. OSGEMEOS, Toes and Rimon came straight from Brazil. They were joined by local artists Izum, Cowek and Kontra. Artists were joined by dozens of volunteers, who helped us out without any material retribution but basic expenses.


The festival started out on September 1st with a press conference to local and international press at the "Space" venue. Located on Oktyabrskaya Street, it houses three murals by Vulica Brasil. All artists took part.

Former Brazilian Ambassador to Minsk, Paulo Antônio Pereira Pinto, was one of the project's enthusiasts from the beginning. He welcomed the participants and emphasized the importance of the festival for the cultural approximation of the two countries.

vULIca braSIL II



On September 4th, we had a creative forum with the artists in talk show format, under the theme "Urban Art in Brasil and Belarus". The room was full. The "talk show" was conducted by festival co-founder and producer Liudmila Shastak. Each artist gave testimony of their personal trajectory, in different "street art" scenes around the world. They talked about the lack of empty walls for graffiti in São Paulo, in contrast to the complete absence of murals in Minsk.

Photo: iVB photo archive



One of the highlights was a visit to the Rudensk orphanage, about 50km from Minsk, home to 151 children with special needs. In a frenzy, the children received the artists OSGEMEOS and Kontra. They painted a large part of the playground, with the kids' energetic help.


The festival's closing party on September 12th was an open air event on Oktyabrskaya (or Brazil) Street. On the 948th  anniversary of the city, the festival presented 6 new murals and and had  an estimated 7 to 10 thousand people audience.

"Bus street art tours" or "velo street art tours" guided the visitors through the festival's murals. The street had more than 15 tents in the food court, dance, music, art, live painting performances, plus the main stage music headliners: bands Morfé, Shuma, DJ Otávio Pandolfo (from OSGEMEOS), Rimon, among other spontaneous performances from the crowd.

The second edition of the festival was a success, Brazil's is better known in Belarus andthe murals will remain accessible to the public for many years.

Photo: iVB photo archive