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Photo: iVB photo archive

While we plan for new festivals, we remember that the  genesis of the Vulica Brasil festival was almost an improv. It was organized in just 3 months, from the conception of the idea to its implementation. Two artists from Brazil and two from Belarus were the pioneers, authors of our first large murals. Tinho (Walter Nomura) from SP and Rogério Fernandes from Belo Horizonte were welcomed by Mutus (Evgeniy Sosiura) from Pinsk, Cowek (Evgeniy Matiuto) from Lida and Andrei Busel from Minsk. 

The repercussion was so positive that, in the end, artists from all over Belarus participated: Brest, Gomel, Lida, Molodechno (Soutine's birthplace), Minsk, Orsha, Pinsk, Polotsk, Réchitsa, Vitebsk (Chagall's birthplace). 

Art installations were set up at Yakuba Kolasa Square in downtown Minsk and at the Contemporary Art Center. Guest artists were exhibited, presented their careers and interacted with the public.The festival's social responsibility branch visited children from the orphanage in the village of Uzdá. The kids welcomed the artists and painted self-portraits with Rogério Fernandes, while Tinho stamped one of his rag dolls on the gym's wall.

That is how the festival started, in a get-up-and-do-it way, with the support of the young Brazilian Embassy in Minsk, inaugurated in 2011. In the media, there was a lot of buzz...

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