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The beginning was in 2014, the end is art, the means is the spray can.

The Institute represents the consolidation, in Brazil, of the urban art festival conceived in 2014 in Minsk, Belarus. Named “Vulica Brasil” (pronounced “Vúlitsa Brasil”, “street” in Belarusian), it has already held five editions in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019. During this period, 50 large murals popped up, in addition to sculptures and other forms of public art left as a legacy to that capital. Additionally, educational seminars, charitable activities, and an urban plan for "Rua Brasil", in the city center of that city. It is a permanent handshake between the creative communities of both countries.

(art. 1, chapter 1, Bylaws of the Vulica Brasil Institute of Art and Sustainability).


iVB is attitude turned into art, a multi-language do-it-yourself experimentation, combined with civic and cultural action, sustainable urbanism, science, geometry, kinetics, 3D optical illusion, reactivation of public spaces, social responsibility and humanistic ecumenism.


iVB is a platform for the production of cultural events, exhibitions, festivals, and socio-environmental projects by the Vulica Brasil Family of artists. The physical and digital collections exhibit contemporary and timeless art, with an emphasis on urban art/graffiti/street art/muralism.


iVB was created based on Urban/Public Art, then expanded to other artistic languages. Over the years, we have incorporated social, environmental, urban and educational projects into our portfolio.

Our plans for the future:

  • Acorda, Conic! "Urban-cultural project;

  • Art House - artistic residencies at the Institute;

  • Wajãpi Project for the Visibility of Brazilian Native Tribes' Ancestral Culture;

  • Peabiru Project of Eco-artistic Trails;

  • International Festival of Urban Art in Brasília;

  • Vyraj Project - Art-natural reserve in Belarus

This section is for those who want to take home a piece of Vulica Brasil. Here you see pieces by our artists/friends. Part of the funds raised by the gallery goes back to the artists and another is reinvested in the Instituto Vulica Brasil itself.

The artworks exhibited fall into the freedom of expression category! Public art, urban art, graffiti, street art, and its multiple aspects stand out in our curatorship.


Brazilian and world contemporary art cannot be understood without the phenomenon of urban art. The gallery seeks to fill this gap, in an artistic niche that is underrepresented in Brasilia and beyond.

Discover here the 5 editions of the Vulica Brasil urban art festival that transformed a neighborhood and gifted the city of Minsk with over 50 artistic interventions: murals, exhibitions, sculptures, installations, paintings on trams, subway cars, factory chimneys, bridges, urban interventions on Oktyabrskaya/Kastrychnitskaya Street, among other cultural expressions such as dance, gastronomy, theater, cinema, photography, and music.

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