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Danilo Silva aka Zéh Palito is a graffiti writer since 2001. The artist travels a lot and is interested in anthropology, so before each mural he dives into the local life, explores the local flora and fauna and then expresses his preservationist message through painting. Animals, people and nature merge to show that we are equal in life's cycle. “I try to share contemporary visual mythology through themes such as mysticism and the metropolis. I initiate dialogues between people, animals, nature and the future. I use the language of bright colors, organic and geometric shapes, abstract lines, exoticism and dreamy atmosphere".

His works can be seen in countries like Argentina, Belgium, South Korea, Chile, Spain, USA, Egypt, Poland, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Zambia. In São Paulo, he painted Facebook's headquarters. At Vulica 2017, Zéh Palito created the mural "Sublime Nature".

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