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November 2021: Vulica Brasil Art Exhibition 

Vershy Space, Minsk

Video: Apex Point Films

Collective exhibition of Vulica Brasil artists held from 3 to 17 November 2021 at Vershy cultural space in Minsk, Belarus. 16 artists came together to show the artistic treasures that they have accumulated between street creative practices. These are calligraffiti, toys-sculptures made of concrete, vinyl records turned into canvases, multi-layered stencils and freestyle on the gallery walls.

Artists: Bazinato, Cowek, Izum, Kashtalyan, Enot, DSNT87, Masha Masha, Doctor Oy, Robertozo, Mila Kotka, Andre Yce, Rage2, Frikos, Zuzu, Poliakowa, Yulia Savvich.

Photo: iVB archive


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