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Mila Kotka is an artist, art producer, journalist, researcher. Born in Belarus (1981), in the town of Smilavichy, birthplace of renowned Belarusian artist Chaim Sutin. Graduated from BSU, Faculty of Journalism, in 2004. As a journalist, helped creating European Radio for Belarus. She is Instructor and researcher of Capoeira (Brazilian martial art recognized by UNESCO as part of humanity's cultural heritage). Up to 2021, she visited Brazil 7 times (and counting), a total of 1 year in "tupiniquim" lands, when she researched Brazilian culture. She started being called “godmother of Belarusian street art” for co-creating the urban art festival Vulica Brasil, which since 2014 has been bringing color to the streets of Minsk with an outstanding lineup of Belarusian and Brazilian artists.

In 2019 she started her own artistic career and since then took part in art residencies in Thailand, Uganda and Kenya. Her artistic research draws attention to the majestic beauty of nature, biodiversity, bio-endemics and their combination in the form of hieroglyphs and coats of arms. She developed a technique of "painting without paint": fresh flowers, shells and a variety of natural elements. In 2021 she became one of the co-founders of the Institute of Art and Sustainability Vulica Brasil and the eponymous Art gallery.

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